I currently read and consult for Shore Scripts, for which I have written hundreds of development reports, but also offer private consultatncy service for which I can offer more bespoke and in depth services.

I am happy to talk to writers, producers and directors about their needs and to engage with them for follow up questions and further development.

As a represented writer who has studied the craft of writing for over ten years and written script reports for five years I have a great understanding of story and character development and enjoy getting to the heart of a script and helping writers to improve their work and develop their skill.

To book a report or discuss services please don’t hesitate to contact me on


Some feedback I have received both privately and through Shore Scripts:

“Thank you for a quick response! It’s nice to have professional eyes on something I’ve looked at for so long. These were helpful words and I feel prepared to rewrite my script. Thanks for offering this analysis.” – Writer

“Thanks for expediting our notes. They were excellent. Really helpful.” – Writer

“I have just completed a first draft on a new script that we’re developing. It was super helpful having some feedback on the last one ‘xxxxxx’ and was hoping to get you to do a 5 page report on the new script. Are you available for a read?” – Writer /Director

I used to run a film school, and I would have happily hired the person who provided such astute feedback. The tone is encouraging, the suggestions strong and in tune with the project. My thanks. – Writer via Shore Scripts

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you so much for the 5 page coverage which I found very encouraging and also super helpful. – Writer/Director, via Shore Scripts

“Hey Blaise – excellent job again! – Will do deep dive into this for draft 2, have a fair few ideas around the character arcs as suggested.. 🙂 Thanking you again” – Writer /Director


Project / Premise Assessment (£20):

This service is designed for the early stages of development. Too often I write reports of projects which are written by good writers but the premise doesn’t stand up, where there is something inherently anti-dramatic or misjudged in the premise. It is heartbreaking to try to break this to writers after they’ve spent months or years on the script, so getting feedback on early stage in the process is essential. Sometimes just a little tweak can be enough to put the project on the right track, or it can be developed further in another direction the writer hasn’t thought of.

I would hope to give feedback on a one pager, which normally contains the premise, the main characters and their basic arcs and a synopsis of the story. If a TV series I would hope to see a couple examples of episode loglines and a paragraph for the first season story and maybe a couple of lines for following seasons. Any other lines on theme, tone, style, world are also helpful, as are comparators.

I would look to build on areas with potential, point out areas that might be problematic, offer alternative lines for development and ask questions on any areas that are still unclear.

This is a quick service, and as such the feedback would consist of one to two pages for £20.

TV Bible Notes (£50):

TV Pilots are being written more and more, and while feedback on the scripts are common, the TV bible seems to have been mostly ignored. However, the bible are an essential part of the project, and should be ready to go out with the pilot if requested. They indicate whether the TV series has legs, give an idea of how it will progress and what it is building towards.

TV Bibles vary widely in length and format, and there is no set way to present them. I will focus on the content, and would hope to see areas devoted to characters bios and arcs, the season arc and design for future seasons, and indeed the overall series arc. Other areas such as the world, tone, theme, visual style and back story, and anything else the writer thinks is relevant are also very useful to include.

I would hope a TV bible would be up tp five pages long, and I would offer 3-4 four pages feedback. The cost of this service is £50 (and can be combined with feedback on the TV Pilot).

Quick look report (£50):

This report will run to 2 or 3 pages and examine the main elements of the script – them premise, story and characters and their arcs. It will focus on the areas in most need for development, but will not be able to delve into the deeper aspects of the script such as the theme and meaning.

Standard Development report (£100/£80/£70 depending on type):

This report will have a short synopsis and look at the premise and its potential, the characters and their arcs, the story, plot, structure, pace, dialogue and world of the script. It will point out problematic areas, offer solutions and a way forward for the next draft. It will be roughly  four or five pages long.

Feature: £100

TV (hour long): £80 (with bible notes £120)

TV (half hour): £70 (with bible notes £100)

In depth development report (£150/£130 depending on type)

This is a deep dive into the script, and will look more at the underlying aspects of the project. What are it’s themes and what is the writer trying to say? Is this the best way to get that message across? Like the standard report, it will examine the premise, characters and their arcs, the story, plot, structure, pace, dialogue and world of the script, but it will delve deeper and also consider the visual language and metaphors, the market potential for the project, the theme and how successfully it comes through, the prose writing style in the actual script, and will be introduced by a score grid highlighting areas that need work and areas that are satisfactory, good or hopefully, excellent. It will be around eight to ten pages long.

Feature: £150

TV (hour long): £130 (with TV bible notes £170)

Not available for half hour TV pilots.

Bespoke services:

I am happy to tailor feedback and reports to the writer or producer’s needs. I can do face to face feedback via Skype or in person in London depending on availability. I am happy to work longer on a script, whether that be story redesign, brainstorming, in depth doctoring, redrafting and or rewriting. Please contact me to arrange details.

Other information:

Standard turnaround is two weeks. Additional charge for fast turnaround on request. I will try to  inform you of turnaround time at the time of the order.

Scripts over 125 pages additional charge of £1 per page.

Payment is in advance, by paypal or bank transfer.

To book a report or discuss services please don’t hesitate to contact me on