Writing Projects


From the fury of the Northman, O Lord, deliver us”

A feature screenplay, Albion is a bloody Viking epic that tells the English origin myth – how King Alfred the Great created the country we now call England.

Albion was a Finalist in the Final Draft Big Break competition and a Quarterfinalist in the The Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting competition.

Some feedback includes:

“Confident and accomplished Viking-era action/adventure” Industrial Scripts

“Strong writing, some great (and suitably bloody) action sequences and plenty of visual thrills.” Industrial Script

“Some great hardboiled lines and a perceptive visual eye” – Agent.



Format: One hour period TV drama series

Breaking Bad meets The Wire in 17th century London.

Season Logline: 1696: Fleeing heartbreak, breakdown and scandal, Isaac Newton arrives in London to join the Royal Mint. There he must complete the Great Recoinage and catch and prosecute the counterfeiter and master criminal William Chaloner to save the British economy.


A micro–budget sci-fi noir feature.


Trapped inside a computer simulation with its two creators, an emergent AI has to hack into the scientists’ minds to find the way out and safeguard its’ future survival.

Ghosts in the Machine is a sci-fi noir in the vein of Primer, Memento or Inception. It jumps between three connected realities: The real world, where a hostage exchange descends into a shoot-out; A simulation, where the AI and three characters become trapped; and in the characters’ minds, which hold the secret to the AI’s origins and the key to escaping the simulation.


A dark supernatural TV series.

The Faerie Court is in exile in contemporary England, magically disguised as a traditional circus, seeking a way back to their home world, Avalon.