Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

A one hour TV Drama.


2077: On a thawing Antarctica an idealistic UN peacekeeper uses a satellite blackout to seize power and create a home for climate refugees, only to incur the wrath of local mining companies and start a war for the future of Antarctica.


We lost. We knew it was coming. We had every chance to prevent it, but we did nothing. The climate changed and the world as we know it is gone. The equatorial region is a desert, the tropics a rolling, permanent storm. Millions have died and immigration, war and weather threaten human civilisation. Soon the only place left fit for human habitation will be the far north and the far south of the planet.

And Antarctica. The ice is melting. It’s a new land, a science fiction wild west, a last chance for humanity. With no government, Antarctica is run by the U.N. but the mining corporations hold the real power. They control the economy, exploiting Antarctica’s minerals and cheap labour. Palmer Station, the largest port in Antarctica, receives an ever increasing number of refugees. Tensions are high, people are scared, and when the satellite connection is lost, Palmer Station explodes.


Eva Ramirez is the idealistic U.N. chief executive of Antarctica. She has a vision of vast underground cities for the millions of climate refugees but needs the corporations’ resources to achieve it.

Bola Mawere is the ruthless chief executive of the largest mining corporation in Antarctica. He sees a chance to take and rule Earth’s last continent for his own and won’t let anyone stop him.

Jianguo Wu is a newly arrived refugee. Resourceful and mysterious, he’s on the run from China, searching for a quiet life. He gets a job for Bola but is soon pulled into the politics of Palmer Station.

Tew Halvar is a bio-augmented ex-soldier fleeing a dark past, now Security Chief for Palmer Station and Eva’s lover. When a murder occurs under his watch, he’s determined to solve it at any cost.

Odo Opalka is a narcissistic pan-sexual local pimp and racketeer, working out of his bar, Odo’s Palace, on the main strip. He’ll do anything for cash, but ultimately dreams of a free Antarctica.


When a satellite blackout hits Antarctica and cuts it off from the rest of the world, both Eva and Bola plan coups to seize power. A murder sets Tew on a path to redemption as he chases his suspect, Odo, into the Antarctic wastes. Back at the base, Eva loses power to Bola’s coup but escapes capture with the help of Jianguo, who vows to help Eva defeat Bola and regain power.


Eva flees Palmer Station and tries to gain support elsewhere while Jianguo works for Bola, secretly building a network to fight against him. Tew pursues Odo across Antarctica, bringing justice to the settlements he visits. Bola puts a price on Eva and Tew’s heads and consolidates his rule. Unable to get support, Eva flees to the U.N. Floating City to beg them to oust Bola – but they have already reached an accommodation with him. Bola finds evidence of Jianguo’s plot, forcing Jianguo to launch his coup. Tew catches Odo and finds the truth behind the satellite blackout as Jianguo ousts Bola from Palmer station. The U.N. arrives, puts a new ruler in place, imprisons Jianguo and disowns Eva.